Child Development

Our child development program is located in the municipality of Ciudad Sandino. We work with two community preschools recognized by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education: one within our larger CANTERA youth center, and another within the city. Both are referred to as Los Cumiches (or “the babies of the family” in English). Through these preschools, we provide early education and care for boys and girls ages 3 to 5.

As a part of our child development program, we also work with boys and girls from 6 to 12 years of age. In our youth center, we provide sociocultural programs dedicated to personal development, the arts, and sports. This gives boys and girls the opportunity for safe access to the integral resources they require for their holistic and integral development. These outlets allow for partnerships with the community and other institutions to advocate for development of more of these spaces in their community.

Lastly, we work with educators affiliated with “La Red de Educadoras Comunitarias del Municipio” (The Municipal Community Educator’s Network), supporting them with technical assistance, and accompanying the network in their efforts to improve the level of care that boys and girls in educational centers receive.

Thanks to these efforts, we have reached the following goals:

  • Offering socio-educational alternatives and character formation to this segment of the child-age population.
  • Providing quality educational assistance for boys and girls who participate in activities.
  • Promoting the developmental capacities, abilities, and skills of boys and girls.
  • Sensitizing families and the communities about the need to provide improved care for children.
  • Sensitizing both governmental and private institutions so they may better understand the value of securing the rights of children.