Integral Development of Youth

The commitment of the youth program is to bring holistic formation to young boys and girls through the promotion of participative and impactful spaces for youth. While we prioritize the four communities where we have an active presence, we also work at the national level to create a network to advocate for the rights of youth and young women and to work toward providing safe spaces for youth.

We facilitate spaces where adolescents and youth can actively partake in dialogue, self-regulation, negotiation and leadership roles that allow them to motivate themselves and other youth to participate in integrative community projects. We design our spaces to bring out the best from every type of young person: a community leader with values that can contribute to the development of their own community.

Personal and holistic development promotes within youth social responsibility, a critical analysis of their surroundings, and a vision of the spaces needed for the benefit of their community and for the common good. Through this process, young people are able to enact plans for transformation with their communities. This will look unique within each community as our organizational, cultural, and athletic activities are individualized to meet the needs of the youth, and also allow for communication and reinforced commitment and development of the overall mission.

Our Youth Development program works in the following areas:

  • Ciudad Sandino, a municipality within the Department of Managua
  • Mateare, a municipality within the Department of Managua
  • San Judas, a neighborhood within the City of Managua
  • Jorge Dimitrov, a neighborhood within the City of Managua

We work with youth in the development of the following themes:

  • General development, human values, leadership and human rights.
  • Violence prevention.
  • Human spiritual development.
  • Scholarships for youth with very few resources for education that supports primary and secondary schooling, and may allow access to a university education.
  • Classes to develop skills in communication, negotiation, and audiovisual capabilities.
  • Classes that promote artistic culture.
  • Technical training for participation in the labor market.
  • Creation of youth-led micro-businesses.
  • Development of leadership and influence.

Thanks to this program, we have accomplished the following:

  • Obtained youth leadership with a communal objective based on human values.
  • Created the capacity for youth to commit themselves to the service of the community through concrete projects that benefit the people of each community where they are present.
  • Developed the artistic capabilities that bring about the integral development of youth and promote the culture of Nicaragua.
  • Created spaces for reflection and spiritual guidance for the development of youth.
  • Promoted educational and recreation activities that contribute to the reduction of domestic violence, violence against youth, gender based violence, and violence in-general.