International Relations and Exchange

Our International Relations and Exchange program facilitates opportunities for immersion and exchange between Nicaraguans and foreigners who visit Nicaragua to learn more about the life, culture and realities. We strive to create a space that allows for an equal exchange for learning, sharing and creating intercultural relationships between visitors and the children, youth, men and women living in the urban and rural communities where CANTERA has a presence.

We want these interactions to allow both Nicaraguans and visitors to recognize realities of people whose day-to-day lives and culture are very different from their own. Our hope is that these experiences allow for an understanding that we are all human beings who deserve access to basic human rights and we believe that through these intercultural relationships, we can begin transforming ourselves and those around us for a better and more just society.

Themes of our program include:

  • Social exchange – to improve and transform our own communities through the methodology of popular education
  • Intercultural exchange- to better understand the context and realities of other people in the world
  • Spirituality – guided opportunities for our visitors to reflect upon what they see and experience

Participants include:

  • Volunteers
    • Long term and short term volunteers who accompany our urban youth or rural development programs
  • Interns
    • Those looking for professional experience at a non-profit organization and an opportunity to learn about CANTERA
  • Delegations
    • Groups from schools, religious, or community organizations interested in 1 to 2 week immersion and cultural exchange experiences
  • Visitors
    • Those passing through who just have a few days to learn about CANTERA’s work and interact with our communities