CANTERA´s Experimental Farm

The Farmers Center for Technological Exchange (FCTE) is a farm used for education, intensive agriculture, and the development of bio intensive fertilizers for farming in the pacific region of Nicaragua.

At the FCTE we offer farmers spaces to exchange successful farming experiences and learn from an experienced team of technicians who work at the farm. The farm also serves as a model for local producers in the areas of beekeeping, agriculture, cattle production and organic farming. The FCTE aims to find a balance between financial and environmental sustainability. We do this by constantly experimenting the compatibility of different productive areas and by developing technologies to improve the productivity of our crops, bees, and cattle.

The FCTE also aims to become a source of revenue for the financial support of CANTERA’s social programs. The farm is currently executing a three-year sustainability plan funded by the Ruckstuhl Foundation. During the execution of the project, we expect to continue training local farmers and receiving visits from our partners and population in general. In the past 2 years, we have received visits and provided training to over 300 people from around Managua.

At the FCTE we have four main productive areas: Beekeeping, intensive agriculture, intensive cattle production, and organic fertilizers. We have a team of technicians who are able to plan and execute workshops in each of this areas.

Beekeeping: The farm has top of the line facilities for processing organic honey. We currently have four apiairies where we conduct experiments on organic plague control and production. The FCTE has been a point of reference for beekeeping in the Managua area since 1992 when CANTERA began organizing workshops for local farmers.

Agriculture: We currently produce papaya, lemons, dragon fruit and vegetables. All these fruits and vegetables are managed using intensive farming methods. We use organic fertilizers produced at the farm like bokashi, vermicompost, and effective microorganisms. 

Intensive Cattle Production: We promote and practice a semi intensive cattle production. Our cattle are fed with organic pastures and other nutritional ingredients. We use cow manure in order to produce two of our organic fertilizers. By doing this, work on creating harmony among our production.

Bio Fertilizers: We currently produce four types of organic fertilizers which we use and sell locally. We produce bokashi, vermicompost, effective microorganisms, and sea minerals. All these fertilizers are tested and analyzed at the FCTE. Our fertilizers have increased our productivity and improved the quality of the soil.

The Farmers Center for Technological Exchange is located 30km north of Managua. You can find us on Google Maps or go to the address: Centro Campesino de Intercambio Tecnológico CANTERA, Km 30.5 Carretera Nueva a León.


For more information about La Finca and the courses we offer, to buy our products or to plan a visit to La Finca, please contact:

Phone Number: 505-2278-0103 o 505-2277-5329


Centro Campesino de Intercambio Tecnológico (CANTERA´s Experimental Farm) or La Finca is located on the Carretera Nueva a León (New Highway to León), kilometer 29.5 on the shore of Lake Managua with a beautiful view of the lake and the Momotombo Volcano in the municipality of Mateare in Managua.

Address: Kilomter 29 ½ Carretera Nueva a León.