CANTERA´s Experimental Farm

Centro Campesino de Intercambio Tecnológico (CANTERA´s Experimental Farm) – “La Finca” is a space used for organic production, education and experimental techniques for farming in dry zone areas. As La Finca is an experimental space, farmers are able to exchange and develop new methods that are appropriate for the dry zone areas, promoting these techniques with our rural community families and other institutions as well.

At our farm, we have conditions that allow us to harvest honey organically and process different fruits, leaves and plants to create jellies, teas and dried fruit. We believe that by utilizing and promoting agro-ecological techniques, we are better protecting our environment and our health. These techniques are important in local development and are also important in responsibly managing what is left of our natural resources.

Our ability to harvest honey organically has allowed us economically as we sell by the bottles the honey that we are able to process from every harvest. Right now, La Finca has 120 bee colonies and 6 beehives of which we are able to harvest organically three times a year.

In 2010, we inaugurated our processing center which follows the international sanitation norms, with safe and clean facilities to extract the honey from the beehives and to process the honey into different hygienic products such as creams and shampoos. Additionally, the center features a solar-run dryer with 16 panels (1 of 3 in Nicaragua) to dry out the fruits, medicinal herbs and hibiscus leaves. The center also has the conditions to process tropical fruits to create jams and jellies. We stress the importance of learning how to process honey, fruits and leaves because this a way for rural women to bring in income for their families.

In addition to our processing center for honey and fruits, we have sample gardens and beds for medicinal plants and other crops (tomatoes, onions, green pepper, etc.) along with an area for worm farming to make top soil.

With our Rural Development Team, we seek to promote and to facilitate different spaces for improved local development through different courses and exchanges.

Courses and Exchanges include:

Beekeeping Course

Every a year, we offer a course to train those interested in becoming beekeepers and who want to have their own beehives for honey production.

Processing Courses

Training courses about the processing of products such as the processing and drying of fruits and the elaboration of sub-products that can be created from honey.


CANTERA openly receives visits from schools, universities and other community organizations to visit La Finca to learn more about beekeeping and organic agro-ecological farming techniques.

We also welcome those interested in finishing their university thesis/research on themes such as beekeeping, agro-ecological farming in dry zones, diversified production, collectives and cooperatives, agro-industry, etc.


For more information about La Finca and the courses we offer, to buy our products or to plan a visit to La Finca, please contact:

Phone Number: 505-2278-0103 o 505-2277-5329


Centro Campesino de Intercambio Tecnológico (CANTERA´s Experimental Farm) or La Finca is located on the Carretera Nueva a León (New Highway to León), kilometer 29.5 on the shore of Lake Managua with a beautiful view of the lake and the Momotombo Volcano in the municipality of Mateare in Managua.

Address: Kilomter 29 ½ Carretera Nueva a León.