Belen – Rivas

Belén is a municipality in the Department of Rivas, in the south of Nicaragua, located 102 kilometers from the capital with a total population of about 17,000 people, of which, 59% are spread out in 16 rural communities, covering 284.5 km2. About 51% of the population is female and 52% is under the age of 15. The communities of Belén where CANTERA works include: Mata de Caña, Pica Pica, Cantimplora, San Marcos, Mancarrón, Escalante, San Juan Viejo, Las Mesas, Chacalapa and San Antonio de Jocomico.

Very similar to the work that we do in the rural communities of Mateare, we also work on the agricultural production with families who have about 8-20 acres of land. They also cultivate rice and beans for their own consumption and have small fruit or banana/plantain orchards along with cattle, pigs and chickens. Aside from agricultural production, we accompany the youth and adult population in the communities of Belén in different sociocultural components.

The most significant problems in Belén are a lack of opportunities for the education of children, poor water supply for farm and home activities, deforestation, the lack of working capital, low crop yields, and the lack of participation of organizations and alliances who may be interested in marketing the products that we have developed in this area.