Rural Mateare

Mateare belongs to the department of Managua and is located about 30 kilometers from the capital and has an area of 300 square kilometers spread out over two urban areas and eight rural communities.

The rural communities where we work within Mateare are: Los Planes de Cuajachillo, Los Filos de Cuajachillo, Latas-Lajas , La Ceiba, Las Yucas, Las Parcelas, El Lajero, and El Caimito.

In the area of agricultural production, we work with rural families that have about 8 – 20 acres of land on family gardens where they grow a variety of vegetables along with corn and beans. Along with family vegetable gardens, many of the families have cattle and/or sheep which they can use as other sources of food and nutrients. The majority of the families also have a cart and a team of oxen, which they use as transportation for hauling water and/or transporting tree trunks to then be used as firewood or charcoal. There are many people in the communities who sell firewood and charcoal as a way to bring in income for their families.

The most significant problems in the rural areas of Mateare are poor soil quality, water shortages, the lack of work opportunities and the lack of working capital for families in these sectors.