San Judas

In 2002, CANTERA started accompanying adolescents and youth in San Judas to overcome hardships that many of Nicaragua’s youth face today. San Judas is an inner-city neighborhood with a population of about 123,000 people located in the western side of Managua, the capital city of Nicaragua.

The youth program in San Judas has created multiple alliances with different organizations such as the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health through the Edgar Lang Health Center. The alliance with the Edgar Lang Health Center has allowed the health center and CANTERA to create campaigns to bring awareness to the community about family hygiene and sanitation as well as create awareness campaigns about HIV-AIDS which included HIV tests for the community and information on ways to prevent HIV-AIDS.

In 2007, the adolescents and youth of San Judas formed the Ecological Brigades because they were concerned about the damage that humans have caused to the environment. The group focuses on the importance of protecting the environment by educating the community through different awareness-raising events and projects.

As of 2015, San Judas now has their own center where the adolescents and youth have a permanent space to use for community activities thanks to the generous support of Friends of Cantera.