Urban Mateare

Founded in 1898, Mateare is one of the nine municipalities of the Department of Managua and is located about 25-30 kilometers from the main capital city of Managua. CANTERA began working in Mateare in 2002, accompanying adolescents and youth in different programs to strengthen their social and political role and influence. We encourage our young men and women to be agents of change in Mateare by voicing their opinions about different issues affecting them as young people.

Along with the other youth areas, we have facilitated lots of workshops regarding self-esteem, leadership, and healthy gender relationships. Similarly, we facilitate workshops on gender and violence prevention in local schools to the youth’s peers as a way of spreading the knowledge that they have gained to their community. As with the other urban areas, we have the Ecological Brigades that promote the protection of the environment along with dance and theater groups where the youth are able to perform in their schools and community festivals. By performing different dances and theater presentations, the young people are able to promote culture and also create awareness about different social issues that are relevant to their realities.

At CANTERA in Mateare, we promote many different forms of personal growth and formation. Almost every afternoon, we have a time for younger children and youth to come together to play games such as Chess and Checkers to provide the younger children a safe place to have fun and to exercise their mental capacities.