A letter from our Director

We base our work on a systemic vision of reality that recognizes the interconnectedness of all life elements: the family/family relationship, the local and the global, perspectives of gender, the economic and the cultural, etc. We aim to transform how each of these elements relate to each other through our programs at CANTERA. We recognize that specific changes initiate processes of change in the entire system.

This is our dream, the dream that moves us – the transformation of our reality.

We think that it is important to define our dreams for ourselves, our families and our communities as we use them to be the starting point of our projects. We accompany an array of people regardless of gender, age, beliefs, etc. on this journey towards transforming their realities.

We have just started this journey. We have not gotten to our goal. Community development is a process that takes time and energy. However, along this journey, we have found important clues that allow us to continue advancing towards new horizons keeping in mind our changing social context.




Anabel Torres

Director of CANTERA Nicaragua