To contribute to gender equality, spirituality, and the strengthening of individual and collective identities and capabilities for an improved society and quality of life through the methodology of popular education.

Building Dreams

Often we are told that the projects we work with are only meant to resolve the immediate needs and problems of the community. We emphasize, however, that our projects are not meant to fix problems, but to build the dreams of the community. What is the difference between fixing the problems in a community and achieving their dream, if it is the problems that are stopping us from achieving the dream? “Fixing problems” induces hopelessness and frustration in a community, viewing the community as full of hardships and without the ability to confront them. If we instead approach a community and ask them, what is your dream and how do we achieve it, the community starts the process with hope and optimism to motivate them to face the obstacles that could impede them from reaching their dream. When we dream, there is an internal energy that pushes us to go after who we want to be and what we want to achieve.

By beginning with the dream, we do not ignore the reality – the dream is anchored in the reality. To dream means to clarify where we want to go by analyzing our current reality and context. We then make a commitment to transform the reality in which we live.

As an organization, we serve as a resource for the people and the communities by working together to brainstorm proposals and to organize the resources needed in order to make the community’s dreams come true. This is our vision of popular education: a horizontal relationship between the organization and the community.